Monday, April 5, 2010

I Predate Plastic Eggs

We died eggs Saturday night. It was a fancy, schmancy kit from Paas. Bright color dyes, glitter glue pen, crayon, beads and sequins -- plus stickers and plastic shrinky sleeves (which, btw, are great for bandaging broken eggs).

Syd is 7 now and we dye eggs every year. I really don't know why. We take them out to hide and dogs eat them before they're all hidden. We hunt the plastic eggs. We were having a family chuckle about this when I said, "I remember when we didn't have plastic eggs."

Even my husband stopped to look at me. I'm a few years older than he (I'll take your virtual high 5 now). He and the kid can both do that same raised eyebrow look that means, "Are you serious?"

"It's true," I said. Plastic eggs would not have been efficiently produced in the early 70s, I imagine. Or maybe the rest of the world had them and Malvern, Arkansas just didn't. That could be it -- it was the same way with cable TV.

"I even remember when Paas ran TV commercials," I added. This, my husband could recall.

"Tell me another story from the olden days," my daughter said.

I should have seen that coming.

"Well, we used to watch 'Here Comes Peter Cottontail' every year on TV."

"Was that on Cartoon Network?"


"Nick Junior?"

"No. We didn't have those channels then. We had 4, 7 and 11. Oh and 2 until about dark."

"Wow. I bet kids were bored back then. Did you play with sticks like Mamaw did?"

Thanks, Mom, for sharing those stories.

So I went on to explain that we had toys like baseballs and hula hoops and jump ropes and jacks. And we played foreign games too -- Chinese checkers and Chinese jump rope. We rode bikes, too.

"Kids aren't all that different now," she said, "Except we do most of that stuff on the Wii. But not those Chinese games. You'll have to show me those."

I'm looking forward to a summer full of Chinese checkers and Chinese jump rope!

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