Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Buying a car

The family took a road trip yesterday. We're searching for the new family car. This isn't easy since the kiddo is attached to our 8 year old Camry. I can't say that she started the day with an open mind.

Once on the car lot, one caught our attention. I liked it because it's a hybrid. It claims incredible gas mileage. She liked it because of the color. Clear sky blue metallic. My husband scratched his head and looked at both of us. This is nothing like what we'd set out to find.

"I remember when cars were only red, blue, white or black," I said without thinking.

"Did they have cars when you were a kid like me?" she asked.

"Yes," I said. "Except Uncle Tim had a metallic purple one that looked like a grape."

She didn't ask more questions. I think I threw her with that metallic purple reference to my brother's mid-70s VW Bug.

I really dread trying to explain the 70s to her. A lot of other moms of kids her age were born in the 70s. They don't remember much. I was 36 when we had the kiddo. I was around for all of the 70s. I remember watching news coverage of George Wallace being shot. Not the comedian, but the Alabama governor. I remember Watergate and the second wave of feminism that was responsible for the girls at Malvern High School getting to wear pants.

Wow. I really am starting to feel like a dinosaur!

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