Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Kissing pigs and Gretchen Wilson

The kiddo is super excited. If they all do well on their standardized test this week, one of the school administrators will have to kiss a pig.

Didn't PETA protest something like this already?

Why do pigs get stuck kissing school administrators and elected officials?

My daughter says it's because chickens would peck you.


So I enter the school on Monday afternoon, the day before testing begins, and I hear Gretchen Wilson's "I'm a Red-Neck Woman" blaring into her classroom over the intercom. I stick my head in and see some of the kids up dancing.

I backed out into the hallway.

Then I heard the words. It was something like "I'm a Benchmark student" or something like that. No one believes me. I've been searching for it online to no avail. If anyone else heard it, PLEASE let me know. I think she replaced the words "Hell, yeah" with "Amen" or "Ace it."

I guess I'm just an old fashioned test taker. The teachers should teach all year, then let the test measure the student's learning.

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