Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A New Beginning

It's been a weird day. For everyone else, tomorrow is the first day of school. In our household, that would have made this "The Best Day Ever." We concocted that idea two years ago when Syd started kindergarten to make sure we wore her out so she'd sleep good before her first day of school.

But this year we are homeschooling. We are beginning new traditions.

Why home school? We have several reasons. The biggest is that at the end of the school year, I brought home a little girl who was quiet, disinterested, and generally bummed out. Within a week of summer vacation, I had my snappy, quick-witted kid back -- the one who likes to play and hang out with her dad and me. When she started talking about the school year that just ended,I realized the year had been difficult for her. The kids in her grade were not very accepting and made her feel like an outsider...on a good day.

It didn't help that we didn't live in the district. I worked there part time so she could attend school there. Kindergarten was an awesome year.First grade, not so much.

To keep things challenging for Syd as we homeschool, I've bought several different reading texts and have a heavy concentration on writing (which is what I know) and science (which is where her interest lies now). We're also incorporating public service into the curriculum through social studies.

And since she wants to learn to type, we'll begin technology, too. We'll learn how to design a blog and webpage and how to create custom graphics as part of art.

So, while today isn't the traditional "best day ever," I hope that we will both find this school year to be the best ever. Someday I hope she can enjoy the same activities public school has to offer, maybe even in my alma mater. (Go, Leopards)

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