Thursday, May 20, 2010

My kid said the "F" word

Not that "F" word. The other one. The one that refers to the passing of gas.

I hate that word.

To me, the other "F" word is better. It starts with a sliding consonant and ends with a plosive that just halts the word. It's over. Done. It's been said. You can't take it back, but it didn't take long to say.

Not like this "F" word. The "ar" in the middle just drags out. This is a slo-mo "F" word that kids think is funny. Especially when they see an adult cringe when it is spoken.

I'm trying to act like it doesn't bother me, but my poker face is lousy. She sees right through it.

Thanks, Nickelodeon. Glad you could work my least favorite word into a cartoon.

I was thinking about this word I hate and it reminded me of another time Syd said something. Accidentally. But it was one of those things she kept repeating over and over and over. In public, of course.

We are an info-mercial family. Syd is a marketing sponge. That's why we use Charmin Ultra, drink CapriSun, and why she desperately wants a Rocket Fishing Rod. But the thing that really grabbed her attention a few years back was the Shed Ender. She was super excited to see it in the #6 checkout display at our local Walmart.

I can't even phonetically spell how she said it, although I'm laughing just thinking about it. All the d's were turned to t's and Ender somehow sounded like Eater. And as she kept pointing it out, she kept repeating it.


It's always loud when a kid is excited. This time was no different.

People were starting to look so I leaned down and whispered in her little ear, "It's Shed Ender, sweetie."

"That's what I said!" And naturally she began saying it again. And again.

All we could do was snicker. When she told the cashier that Roman and Lacy would certainly use one of those products, Jim turned away to bust out a good laugh. He regained composure quickly. The cashier thought we were horrible people, but hopefully thought we were this kid's aunt and uncle, not mom and dad. Aunts and uncles can get away with stuff like that.

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  1. Ronna, this is hilarious. Jesse did something very similar in Taco Bell one time when he was about 1-1/2 or 2. Monte had said the S-word and Jesse had to tell me that "daddy said S-word" several times. Wanted to know if he was in trouble. Everyone around us was laughing, and of course, we were trying hard to be good parents and NOT laugh!! A great memory!!