Thursday, May 13, 2010

I AM better than some people

A cousin's Facebook status one day recently was "I am no better than anyone else." He encouraged his friends to copy and paste it into their status. I started to, but didn't. Something kept me from it.

I totally get what he means. I don't believe I deserve any special consideration since I'm a female. I don't believe my educational background alone should open doors for me. I don't believe it's okay for me to park in handicapped spots because my husband could get me out of the ticket. Blah, blah, blah. In that way, it is true. I am no better than anyone else.

Having said that disclaimer, I do want to say, that I AM better than some people. And it's okay for me to know that.

Fueled with a little anger and feeling verbally "stabby" right now, here's what I believe:

I am better than a drama-driven janitor who is so insecure about her own life that she creates situations for others.

I am better than the parent who day in and day out hears their 7 year old child substitute "w" sounds for "r" and "l" without so much as considering speech therapy.

I am better than the teacher who doesn't insist on speech therapy for kids like above.

I am better than the teacher who leaves one child behind to catch up the others to that child's level.

I am better than the person who believes that the "Leopard Cone Man" is the St. Patrick's Day guy with the pot of gold.


I started this blog for the purpose of recording silly family moments for my daughter to remember as she grows up. But, she'll need to know this stuff, too, so I'm including it here.

Back when I was a kid -- back before scrunchees and liquid soap -- public school was an extension of home. It was a learning experience. And it was positive for the most part. The adults were adults...not big people who still act like children.

There's a phrase: "When in Rome, do as the Romans do." That does not always apply. It's always better to be true to yourself.

So,I say to my daughter: if you grow up and discover that your Rome is full of ignorance, pettiness, and small people with smaller minds, for goodness sakes -- don't do as those Romans! Make your own Rome. Be your own emperor and don't let small-minded, stupid people in.

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