Monday, December 13, 2010

Henchmen and nakedity

No, way! It can't possibly have been almost 2 months since a post. Either I'm having a great time because we all know that time flies then, or I'm losing all concept of time since I rarely leave the house. It's probably the second choice.

Regardless, I overheard something tonight I want to record for Syd. We were driving Syd and her cousin Faith to the 4H Christmas party when I heard them talking in the backseat about their dogs. Syd lamented to Faith, "My mom and dad really don't help me out much at all. I have to take care of my dog all by myself."

I'll remember that at 4 in the morning.

And when I'm giving the pup a bath, cleaning up pee and puke.

Yeah, we don't do much at all.

It shouldn't surprise me to hear this. Syd's been looking for some good help. Just a couple of days ago she invited me to be her henchman.

I think her Ross is showing.

Then there's the Ross built-in-naked mechanism. As the name implies, it's the thing that makes Rosses want to run around naked. I'd always thought it only applied to Ross men...or maybe the Ross women were just able to keep it under wraps. But one uncle was an alleged college streaker, another had a naked incident in a dorm.... It just seems like there's something genetic there.

I'm afraid Syd's caught it. She doesn't like to wear pants. Really. She just wants to stay in her nightshirt. All. Day. The good thing is that at least she doesn't want to leave the house. I'll start to panic if she wants to cruise Sonic like that some day.

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