Saturday, September 18, 2010

A Bug Metamorphosis

A bug metamorphosis. I've seen it with my own eyes.

So this metamorphosis isn't actually of a's more like about bugs.

Sydney doesn't like bugs. I'm not a bug fan myself. I am still laughed at for my first memory of bug exposure. Mom positioned me under a shade tree while she and my brother labored in my grandparents' garden under the hot afternoon sun. I was probably 7, which, coincidentally is Syd's age now. It was one of those trees with pink fuzzy flowers on it and little worms were dropping out of the tree right before my eyes. While they were working in the garden, I was screaming, "Buuug! Bug! Bug! Buuuug!"

Sydney is much the same way. We've worked on her reaction to bugs over the years. We've gone from screaming bloody murder while running to a simple, quick shout, "Bug."

There is some variety in her shouting. Occasionally we hear, "Moth." But most of the time lately, it's been "Millipede."

Those things are creepy with their bajillion legs and crunchy little exoskeletons. Eek.

We've spent the largest part of summer ridding the house of millipedes. "They're just creepy," she said.

But tonight it happened.

Sydney decided to befriend the millipedes. She's got 4 in a jar even as I write.

She's officially a millipede fan.

Their names are Lettuce, Hughes, Jack and Ratpack.

I don't ask questions, I just write what she tells me on their jar.

The hula hoop is in the floor and she has carefully moved them all from the jar into their "center ring" for circus practice. She hasn't touched a single one. I'm amazed at what a kid can do with a piece of notebook paper and a baby food jar.

I'm eavesdropping. I think she just assigned Hughes to be the ring leader. I'm hoping Ratpack will be a clown. That just kinda makes sense to me.

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