Thursday, March 7, 2013

My Bad Mom Confession: Graphic Tee on Picture Day...Again

When you're a backsliding blogger, it takes something big -- something powerfully momentous -- to draw you back to the dashboard. For a while, life and Girl Scout cookies have gotten in the way of my blogging. But today I reached a new low, and I turn to the only place I know I can find help -- the blogosphere. So, here it goes:

Hello. My name is Ronna, and I sent my kid to school in a graphic tee on picture day. 

I recently read another mom blog that said something like "You're only a bad mom if you send your kid to school on picture day in a graphic tee." Uhum. Guilty as charged. I'm actually a multiple offender. The fall third grade picture was kind of experimental. I wasn't sure what to do because picture day was also on school spirit day. That t-shirt actually included a blingy paw print and some machine embroidery. Still, it was a t-shirt. She was sick and missed the spring pics that year.

This fall rolled around and the outfit we picked out to coordinate with the background we selected was stuffy and uncomfortable for her. At the last minute she talked me into letting her wear her favorite Angry Birds shirt. This spring, however, was going to be different. It was a challenge -- cute, yet comfy; dressy yet casual enough to sit in the rubber chunks on the playground. I found it and was ready for her to wear it to have her picture made -- on Friday.

Unfortunately, picture day is on Thursday.

So, today, my kid gets her picture made in a school team t-shirt (orange and black) while wearing her turquoise headband that I hope stays on her head. My kiddo is blessed/cursed with tons of curly hair. By the end of the day, it wins the fight with any headband we put on her. We've actually begun straightening her hair to control it and keep it off her face. None of that was done this morning naturally since I thought picture day was Friday.

I had to go into the school office to fill out the picture form and write a check so she can have her picture made today. I was too busy being thankful that I didn't drive her to school wearing my pajama pants to be thankful that I wasn't the only parent in there filling out a picture form. I got it turned in just in time.

Why did I fill out the form for pictures when she clearly wasn't prepared for picture day? Duh. Nothing is worse than your kid knowing she's not prepared for picture day or knowing that her mom is up for Bad Mom of the Year because she sent her to school on picture day in a graphic tee again.

I hope she brushed the biscuit crumbs off her shirt this morning before the picture because, to secure my Bad Mom title, we had to stop to grab breakfast on the way to school. Things were going to be different on Friday, I told myself, because it's picture day.  I like when the morning runs like a well-tuned machine on picture day.

If that ever happens, I'll be sure to let you know.

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